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Project case study 1:

Project case study 1:

Category: Commercial & Land Reform Farms
St Marks, Eastern Cape

The village of St Marks lies in the Chris Hani District Municipality in the Eastern Cape, where it is central to sixteen surrounding villages that together have an estimated population of 9,000 permanent residents, 78% of whom live in poverty. 

In October 2016, CSA was awarded the 2-year project jointly, by the Department of Higher Education and Training and the National Skills Fund. The project’s primary focus is to promote rural development, the formation of cooperatives, and small markets medium enterprises (smmes).  

With the assistance of the chief, headmen and ward councilor, CSA recruited 250 residents from the sixteen villages of St Marks. Under CSA’s teaching models and mentorship, students are being trained in planting lucerne and cabbages on over 100 hectares of surrounding land. The project, due to end in October 2018, has already shown positive results in reducing poverty amongst the residents of St Marks.